adventuremate 0.4.0 released CC0 1.0 Makes 500ml of concentrate, enough for 4 500ml bottles Ingredients 500ml Water 40g Yerba Mate 60ml Simple Syrup 15g Honey 10g Black Treacle 2g Citric Acid 4g Guarana Method Combine the Simple Syrup, Honey, Treacle, Citric Acid and Guarana in a container. Stir together until the treacle and honey are dissolved in the solution. In a pan stew the Yerba Mate at 75C for 6 minutes. Stir throughout. Once steeped filter out the leaves, the bulk will be stopped with a wire sieve, the finer material can be run through a coffee filter. Once filtered combined the sugar mixture with the mate concentrate. Stir well. Allow to cool. Best consumed 1 part Mate concentrate 3 parts carbonated water. @adventureloop