Paris loves the theatre

Paris loves the theatre, they have world renowned plays enjoyed by douchy teenage girls the world around. They love no theatre more than Security Theatre. To transit through Paris CDG and make it to the departure lounge you need to show your passport twice and your boarding pass at least six times.

In fact one agent of the airport was enjoying her role more than anyone I have seen at work. She scanned my boarding pass and scrutinized my passport before sending me through the metal discoverer.

At the other side I waited and waited expecting my bag. Instead I hear a shriek! 'You did not show me your pass'. I am dragged back through the magnetic arch to show my passport once again. This this with the agent shouting as if I had stripped half naked.

Oh fun.

BHX is a strange airport, security are trying to stay in business and keep manning up. They manage this by directing transfer passengers back through security to redo the dance, I did get set on the priority track though.

Of course, with a flights worth of passengers transferring this wasn't quick.

Past security and a worm whole takes you to a mall in the center of the city. A shopping horror exists until you overcome the forces of capitalism and resign your self to sit in the uncomfortable long.