Radio day to Balmedie Beach

Planning a radio field day was all it took to ruin a week of perfect weather. Instead of the glorious sunshine and high temperatures of the previous days the North Sea took revenge and summoned an mighty Haar to punish us for our hubris.

All Setup

We hit the beach with a bbq, food and a couple of radios. Hibby had his new toy, a clansman set including a 5m mast. The mast was light to carry, easy to slot together actually really easy to put up. I think with some practice it could be erected by one person by pegging in the guy lines first.

5m Mast

The bands were relatively quiet considering it was a Friday afternoon, but Hibby and Derecho had a couple of good contacts from across Europe. This radio nonsense was what interested me though, I was more interested in the playing in the dune system.

Derecho's Dipole setup