Yesterday I wrote about the Ex Machina soundtrack, but linked to an hour long loop of one of its tracks. Whoops. The whole soundtrack is equally great, go find it. Similar stuff on youtube lead to 9980 by CONNECT.OHM.

The Science Fiction podcast magazine I listed to, StarShipSofa has had some great CyberPunk stories recently.

  • Humans are going to become augmented, this is an inevitablity, we won't be able to resist making our selves better by merging computers and machinery into our body. "Must Supply Own Workboots" considers what happens when our jobs rely on expensive augmentations, but the augmentations become out of date.
  • “And You Shall Know Her By The Trail of Dead” is a Gibsonesque Cyber Cowboys fighting with the mob story. Really well timed with the article about the excellent CyberdeckC64

Reading: The Puzzle Palace, 802.11 Wireless Networks 2nd Edition, RFC6347!

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