Denial of Toasters

The news on this weeks Risky Business Podcast mentioned the record breaking DDOS against Krebs. 665 Gigabits of traffic per second is a lot of traffic, but that is probably only the start of such massive attacks.

While wondering how these attacks manifest an article about the slowloris attack popped up. This is a different sort of denial of service to the network traffic sent to Krebs and one that should be rather easy to mitigate against at the protocol layer.

The Krebs attack is the first I am aware of with a large IoT component. I think we have all been waiting for the hordes of vulnerable devices to appear in abuse logs. Maybe we can move to ipv6 and leave the Internet of Shit on a blackholed v4 Internet.

Reading: The Puzzle Palace, 802.11 Wireless Networks 2nd Edition, Packet Captures

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