Cold Brew

My Cold Brew Recipe requires:

  • 128g of Coarse ground coffee (I guess 125g is okay, if you aren't cool)
  • 1L Vessel (I use a nalgene)
  • 1L of potable water
  • Fridge
  • v60
  • Jug


  • Put the ground coffee in the vessel.
  • Fill the vessel with cold water
  • Place vessel in fridge

I use tap water because I live in a place with excellent drhinking water. If that isn't the case for you, you will have to figure something else out. Make sure the ground is well soaked, it will swell. I give it a good shake then add a little more water to make sure the nalgene is good and full.

After about a day take the nalgene out of the fridge.

  • Pour the coffee/concentrate blend into the jug.
  • Clean the nalgene.
  • using the v60 filter the concentrate back into the nalgene.

I normally end up with about 700ml of concentrated coffee. I mix it with boiling water to drink, about 120ml of concentrate to 200ml.

Reading: Little Brother