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Damn, today has been a hard fucking start up sequence (slow starts punk brother). TCP jokes are the best, if you don't get them we can keep retrying until you do.

This tweet by dwf

Possibly the most unbelievable thing about Star Trek is how different alien
civilizations maintain cross-compatible video calling software.

It's a funny joke. Current humans are still competing in the name of capitalism, there is little to no incentive to build interoperable system when you can control a market sector. Of course no one actually can, but that doesn't stop facetime not being available on android.

Rants aside; We are going to solve this set of problems with automation, machine learning and AI. Here is a great talk on transport layer improvements, it talks about machine learning approaches to optimise delay/bandwidth for live streaming video connections.

It is entirely feasible that we could run similar approaches to coordinate video communication, especially if we are a civilisation that spends all of its time exploring and finding new people to speak to. Automate the boring stuff, you know?

Reading: Little Brother, Transmet

The BBC have an excellent rendition of Burning Chrome by William Gibson. I am sure a neighbour will help you out if you are geographically impaired.

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