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I was pretty much dead yesterday, I didn't do anything interesting.

I signed up for an Offensive Security Newsletter from Phobos Group. I don't normally take corporate output directly, the people behind Phobos have a track record of doing awesome things. The first issue appeared today, certainly worth a read.

I have been thinking about adding more automation into my...I dunno life? This morning I was thinking about using post tags to automatically cross blog to reddit. I think that might work for well for hacking, radio definitely has a home in the ham subreddits.

I am not sure if there is somewhere that will welcome the daily morning posts. /r/Blogging has a weekly 'Check out my blog' thread, but it is limited to one post per blog per week. I wonder if there is somewhere I can feed my daily ritual, like a don't break the chain place.

I will automate everything to go out the twitter hole, I would like to do the tag thing to irc channels to. That might be a bit insane and self promotional though.

Reading: Little Brother, Transmet

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