I hate it here

It is raining so hard I can hear it over my music and the rumble of the bus. It is raining in the book I am reading. Completely unconnected events, but humans have this thing for making patterns where they don't exist.

In this book over centralisation leads to a complete media blackout. Decentralisation is a core ethical tenant, of course I enjoy the collapse of the media in the story.

But what can you do about centralisation?

Until the singularity you are going to be stuck as a centralised human being. I know it sucks, but one day we will be able to move past this.

The indieweb movement has great advice for getting started. The biggest single step you can take to decentralise yourself on the internet is to have another machine to represent you.

Once you have a VPS running somewhere in the internet, you have access to an constantly running, near permanent version of yourself.

Reading: Little Brother, Transmetropolitan

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