I am struggling for something to write today. I spent last night working on the second stage of a reverse engineering project, but I haven't made much progress yet and there isn't anything to show. Windows tools seem determined to be as alien as possible to use.

I had a look through my browser tabs, I still have what I consider the canonical bytebeat reference open. bytebeat is a sort of code golf based algorithmic music generation, the tiny snippets of code can manage to create some awesome sounds.

There are quite a few people working on audio from crazy systems. Captain Credible's excellent album Dead-Cats is generated with an attiny85. I have Blooper Eel mini synth kit from him that I have toyed with a ton at my desk.

And this is just the start of the rabbit hole, if you want to go up a level you should read the excellent noisepedals blog.

Reading: Litte Brother, Transmetropolitan

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