Modern Gonzo

Maybe because there is an election on or maybe just because I wanted a use for my new stream 7 tablet thing, I read through all of Transmetropolitan. Transmet (as I am told the cool kids call it) is a Cyberpunk comic book series written by Warren Ellis, featuring a Gonzo journalist reporting on an Election from 'The City'.

I am a huge fan of Gonzo as written by Hunter S. Thompson, but Hunter is long dead and this has limited his journalistic output severely. So here I have a problem, I would be very happy to read more high quality pieces in the Gonzo style, but I have found finding such writing to be an absolute nightmare.

Here is a list of people I know writing great stuff:

I might have to look harder.


I couldn't finish Little Brother, it became too YA and it just annoyed me. I did read all of it when it came out so I am not that bothered.