Politically the last few years have been really hard for me, 2014, 2015, and 2016 saw votes go completely against my expectations. This week was also surprise. It is easy to think I hold fringe views, that I am all alone surrounded by fascists, but the numbers show that only about have the electorate disagree in each of these cases.

The problem in almost all of these votes is not the right, but the inability of the left to draw people out. The fascists have it easy, they can hold a deplorable ideal, get rid of the immigrants and their supporters can galvanise around the idea. The left only seems to offer the status quo.

There are two courses of action at a time like this.

  1. Get some supplies and a gun, go up a hill and disconnect from the world. (I can reccomend some hills)
  2. Get involved and try to advance the causes you really care about.

Today, I really just want to climb a hill and start living in a cave. But that is the easy way out, instead I am going to start helping make the world a better place.

Reading: Abaddon's Gate, Reamde

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