Winter Temperatures

Avimore Carpark

Winter is here, stepping out this morning it was -2, hopefully the start of some nice seasonal weather with a showering of snow and not the minimum temperature for the year.

The twitters tell me that Bunnie Huang of Hacking the Xbox, Breaking SD Cards, The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen and a ton of other cool things has a new book in the works. I read Hacking the Xbox when it was released for Free after Aaron Swartz's death, the book is an excellent read and gave me a ton of insights about electronics and breaking physical things. The new book is in early access, which means you can read it if you think reading tiny bits of a book is a good idea.

While on the nostarch I looked at another early access book, Attaching Network Protocols. The cover, looking a Tardigrade at a glance(it isn't), drew me in, the awesome title didn't hurt.

Hopefully the internet will come alive and tell me when these two books are finished and available.

Reading: Reamde

Of course that snowy picture was taken up a mountain, but it was only about 4 degrees up there. Warmer than it seems it is going to get to today.

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