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This Killscreen article, The people trying to save programming, which I found via really caught my attention. The article is about some people that are trying to fix the way games are made, they think that software is development is too impersonal and long for the good old days of the Apple 2. Commercial Game engines are the problem.

The article is worth a read. Digging into the community around handmade hero is interesting too, but I don't really think either of the developers mentioned are starting a movement. To me it feels like the appeal to the desire everyone has to understand everything, actioning that by inventing the universe.

That is fine and all, but far too many new people get stuck in the trap of trying to build a world before they can walk(I did). The best tools for a beginner are the ones that let them succeed as quickly as possible. The hard nitty gritty details can be learnt later on.

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