It is getting closer

Okay, just 14 days to congress how is your preparation going?

I have three projects coming with me:

  • RGB Pixel Display
    • I have the panel built and some initial code running. I still want to connect the panel to the network and do some other cool effects, this has a good start.
  • Slow TV
    • hibby and I spent a couple of hours playing with VLC and python on Sunday. We have a script that can send out a multicast video stream which we can pick up in vlc. We need to get separate audio working and video playlists going before we can say this is ready.
  • Some sort of display showing:
    • I am going to set up a pi today, it will boot into rainbowstream running with image on terminal. I will connect that to the cheap pico projector I have and then I will call it 'done'.

Reading: Nemesis Games, Idoru

Aberdeen, Scotland: 7°C, Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

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