What? Internet is Evolving

Checking the FOSDEM instance of the terrible pentabarf submission system I see that my second talk proposal to a devroom has been accepted. I think, they haven't timetabled the room yet so I can't link to a timetable slot for the talk.

I have three talks coming up:

  1. 33C3 Lightning Talk
  2. FOSDEM BSD devroom talk
  3. FOSDEM Real Time Communications devroom Talk

All three of these talks are going to tell the same story, laid out in different ways: The Internet is Broken, Fixes are hard to deploy, Developers won't use new protocols, We have a solution.

The changes that are happening in the internet right now are really interesting, but it is really hard to get over the knowledge curve required for the solutions to make sense. It is really common to hear, "The Internet works fine, why are you trying to fix it", from people that really should know better.

If you want to find out the what and why that is internet transport evolution you should find one of these talks and watch it. Hopefully they will all be recorded and online after the events.

If you want to know more you can email or track me down in IRC.

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