33c3 Day 2

Scope Visualiser

Day 1 became Day 2 with the industry standard partying all night transition. This morning was a very slow start, with my lightning talk somewhere in there, talk came out okay I think.

Keeping track of time in here is really difficult, the leds sort of merge everything together, windows would ruin the atmosphere so that isn't available as a measure of time. We know that day lights hurts hackers brains.

So far things have been a flop on the project front. The congress network doesn't support multicast on the wireless, the wired segment is fine, but it has caused us to run out of steam. Multicast traffic on the wifi has to be sent at the lowest rate connected clients support, this burns a lot of airtime leaving multicast blocked on wifi access points.

The UDP panel hasn't been set up yet, the projector didn't make the trip across.

Reading: Fahrplan

Hamburg, Deutschland: 4°C, Mostly cloudy throughout the day.