Stranded in Hamburg

An abundance of particles in the air forced BA to cancel my flights home. They knocked my flight back 24 hours without any choice in the timing of my new flight. This means I get to spend an extra night in Hamburg and I get to move all of my new year plans to somewhere in the future.

Congress is done for another year, it has been any amazing event. There really is nothing like it on the planet, attempts at describing the event and conveying that different world always seem to fail.


The Chaos Communication Congress really is a place that must be seen, with the CCH being knocked down next year the event you go to will certainly be materially different that the one I have attended for the past three years.

I cannot wait to see how the deal with loosing the CCH and where CCC ends up in the future.

Reading: PO-14 User Manual

Hamburg, Deutschland: -1°C, Foggy until evening.