c720 Trackpad set up

I reinstalled or upgraded my c720 or something and things are a bit all over the place. Tonight I started firefox in the hackerspace and noticed my trackpad wasn't working, it needs to be explicitly setup. This is mentioned on the comprehensive FreeBSD c720 guide, but there have been some updates to the driver that aren't reflected on the page. You now need to load the chromebook_platform driver manually.

# kldload chromebook_platform
# kldload ig4
# kldload cyapa

The cyapa driver offers all the features you would want from a trackpad, two finger dragging, thresholds for taps and an three button mouse emulation mode.

# sysctl debug.cyapa_enable_tapclick=3

Which gives me the following awesome mouse button layout on the trackpad.

        Trackpad layout

         2/3               1/3
|                    |   Middle   |
|                    |   Button   |
|       Left         |            |
|      Button        +------------+
|                    |   Right    |
|                    |   Button   |
|     Thumb/Button Area           | 15%

Also disable super danger mode:

# echo "hw.acpi.power_button_state=NONE" >> /etc/sysctl.conf