Tomorrow, I am presenting at FOSDEM. Somehow I have gotten roped into doing two talks at almost the same time.

At 1555, I will present QoS Challenges for Real Time Traffic in the Real Time Communications devroom. I am pretty certain I am going to explain what the hell QoS in the internet is, some of the benefit you might see and how to do any of this with NEAT. The recent measurements we have been doing suggest that QoS shouldn't be a deal breaker for any connection, great news, but it doesn't make much of a discussion.

At 1630, I will present Transport Evolution on top of the BSD's in the BSD devroom. The two talks are in the same building, but 15 minutes is a bit tighter than I would have liked. This talk will be about the problems faced in making the internet better and how NEAT will help.

I know the BSD devroom will be recorded, but not streamed. I haven't heard anything about the RTC rooms video setup. If you are around for FOSDEM you should drop by and ask me difficult questions. If not I will take them over email.

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