Ethics in Internet Archiving

The Internet Archive is my favourite thing on the internet, it is much much more than just the wayback machine. It is a massive archive of human culture, it might be one of the most important things being created right now.

There is much more information being added to the IA now than any one person could process themselves. But it isn't that hard for individuals to pick an upload or a topic and process through the files and provide some sort of best of list.

The video below is a chat about archiving, I think the most important take away is that we really need people to review the material and make sections accessible.


I am waiting for someone to go through 200 floppy discs and write a blogpost: 
    "I looked at all this junk, these 7 are great."

It is Sunday, so that makes seven days of writing.

Reading: Babylon's Ashes, Diamond Age

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