Changing font size in urxvt

I finally had the need to dynamically change my font size in urxvt. If you search you will find keybindings to do this, such as the ones recommended in this thread. With my teeny planck keyboard, i3, and tmux I don't really have room in my head for learning other keybindings.

In that thread there is also a printf command that changes the font size via a terminal escape code.

alias biggest="printf '\33]50;%s\007' \"xft:Source Code Pro:pixelsize=30\""
alias big="printf '\33]50;%s\007' \"xft:Source Code Pro:pixelsize=20\""
alias small="printf '\33]50;%s\007' \"xft:Source Code Pro:pixelsize=10\""
alias teeny="printf '\33]50;%s\007' \"xft:Source Code Pro:pixelsize=8\""
alias normal="printf '\33]50;%s\007' \"xft:Source Code Pro:pixelsize=12\""

I added the above aliases to my zshrc.

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