With installing my new desktop I am also going to move my 4G modem. I wanted to get some signal strength numbers so I could be sure I wasn't completely ruining things for myself. My router has a hand status page that among sensitive private information has signal strength, SNR and noise numbers.

4G Modem Status

On that page there is also a CELL_ID field. The field is the unique network id of the base station you are connected to. This is apparently useful for location lookups, the wikipedia page has a list of databases that use this field.

I tried to feed my CELL_ID into some of these databases, but they all wanted more information. MCC and MCN are pretty easy to find, there is a big table on the wikipedia page. I was not able to resolve down a LAC from anywhere. There are apps I could try, but I don't really want to install any of them on my phone.

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