haskell and git annex

I have finally after nearly a year started setting up data stores with git annex, I am going to try it out with my stash of datasheets, documents and books for a while. If it holds up to what I expect I will use it for the rest of my static binary media, video, audio and images.

I have also been revisiting the infuriating torture of learning haskell, with the real world haskell book. I did a haskell course and uni and it was horrible, so far the real world haskell book has been equally unenjoyable and slow.

git annex is written in haskell so the two things sort of tie together. Not that I plan to hack on git annex.

It is Sunday, so that makes seven days of writing.

Reading: The Moon is a Hard Mistress, The Difference Engine

Aberdeen, Scotland: 11°C, Light rain in the morning.

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