EuroBSDCon Bucharest Romania

The Wikitravel page for Bucharest has some scary warnings about taxis. I didn't heaer any horror stories from conference goers, but there was a large variation in prices for the same journey.

He held a two day DevSummit before the conference proper. A DevSummit is a chance to talk through technical issues and hash things out face to face. We did some planning for FreeBSD 13 with the idea of setting GGoals for the release.

We tried to match a bit of a hackathon with the DevSummit, but the tutorial schedules meant we couldn't focus the time very well and it was broken up.


Day One :

  • Keynote1: Lightweight virtualization with LightVM and Unikraft
  • Hacking together a FreeBSD presentation streaming box – For as little as possible
    • That was me, I thought it was quite good :D
  • The Evolution of FreeBSD Governance
  • Using Boot Environments at Scale
  • The End of DNS as we know it
  • Keynote2: Some computing and networking historical perspectives
    • Ron's keynote was unreal and it is a massive shame that this sessions wasn't recorded. Ron has a ton of experience with working with network systems since 1976, he shared some stories and anecdotes. The one closest to my heart was pirating away an IMP front pannel and saving it from the scrappers. If you get a chance to see Ron speak you should jump up and down at it.

Day Two :

  • Taking NetBSD kernel bug roast to the next level : Kernel Sanitizers
  • Livepatching FreeBSD kernel
    • This was an interesting study into how many different platforms do live patching. The FreeBSD way to do live patching could be simplified to 'use dtrace fbt probes'. Which is super reductive of all of the work invovled, but it shows the power of the system we have with dtrace.
  • Profiling Packet Processing: Performance & Peculiarities
  • Debugging lessons learned as a newbie fixing NetBSD
    • Maya is a terrifying person. Somehow she manages to hack productivly across the entire range of the stack and across many different architectures. There were many debuggin gems in here, I hope she continues to present on this the information was great.
  • FreeBSD/VPC: a new kernel subsystem for cloud workloads
  • FreeBSD on IBM PowerNV
    • An recount of the porting work Semihalf did to POWER8. Interesting, I hope it is also sumbitted to AsiaBSDCon. There need to be more written account of bringing up on different architectures.

Day Two concluded with announcing the location of the next EuroBSDCon, Lillehammer Norway.