Help me blog more in June

This is a post on my blog.

I both have a blog and enjoy blogging. I think a blog is the perfect way to keep notes for myself with the nice possibility that they might help someone else. I frequently look up my own post on how to take screenshots with imagemagick on this blog.

I wrote a blog post everyday for 6 months, from the 26th September 2016 to the 27th of March 2017 , in the end I added 196 new entries to this blog in 182 days. I can't write an epic detailed post everyday, though I might manage a week or so like that if I have a backlog. Most posts were little more than an image and some text, little more than tweets.

But I still wrote, on a few days I even wrote more than one blog post. Under each blog post I included where in the world I was (borrowed from a characters quirk in Cryptonomicom), the weather and the books I was reading at the time.

These posts cover a range, pictures I was proud of , planning for events , travel and cool projects I worked on . Reviewing these has been a fun experience.

All that said, I haven't published a blog post for 276 days and I think I would like some help getting back into the public writing groove.

I tend to be better at delivering projects when I am held accountable by other people. Think of it as peer help rather than peer pressure.

I think it would be really cool if you too wrote some blog posts. Not for me, not for anyone else, but for you. You today and in the future. Write something now to clear your head, write something today that will help you tomorrow. Writing things down helps you remember them, but when you forget you will get to try searching your own log rather than having to scour the depths of the Internet.

I asked this weekend at campgndd for some peer help so that I would actually write blog posts in June. I suggested we each try to write four this month.

These kind people said they would try and write too to keep my going:

It would be cool if you were to join us. I will look for your response on your blog.