Some ideas I picked from the electromagnetic fields

I made it to and from the Electromagnetic Field . It was quite an experience to return to a hacker large event after so many years.

A real review of the event will appear in the FreeBSD Journal this summer and I rambled a little at the end of BSDNow 459.

I don't think I could have articulated before hand exactly how much I missed the massive influx of energy being around people doing things gives you. To be honest, it probably explains why I spent so many years running things myself. The sheer magic of other people doing things seems to relax my brain and lets it fill up to the brim with new ideas.

In the vein of "“Make 50 of Something" ( which I learned about from Vi Hart making 50 fizzbuzzers ), I thought it was finally time to write down the ideas in the aftermath of the event and have a record of them.

50 is a lot of things, but I don't think this list actually captures everything that popped into my head. Much of this list is ideas I have been having over the last decade of going to hacker events, but unexecuted ideas can still be good.

  1. ID Badge
  2. Buckfast FM
  3. Buckfast FM badge
  4. BBS serial network
  5. Government style news distribution network with backdoor leading to a bbs
  6. TIC-80 simulator for the badge
  7. shit camera ID printer
  8. badge tamogotchi thing
  9. "Cyberman" led outfit
  10. kit dome of trees
  11. web bbs
  12. retro bbs
  13. web bbs serial links to esp consoles
  14. demo display on a dome
  15. longest serial transmission competition
  16. internet of buckets
  17. network of floaty led things in lake
  18. posters!
  19. stickers!
  20. sticker: The Internet is Bullshit
  21. sticker: Computers are a fuck
  22. sticker: "I'll drive if you feed me cheese"
  23. sticker: a big pile of tofu
  24. talk: 10 years of Scotland as performance art
  25. Old Unix BBS
  26. something targetting the badge
  27. "set" mainframe backdrop
  28. weather reports
  29. Scotcon TV
  30. An actual good computer book shop
  31. BSD meet up
  32. hacker breakfast
  33. 'drugwars' with real location integration
  34. CTF coffee puzzle
  35. folding bikes!
  36. portraits with a camera
  37. portraits with a paint brush
  38. computer church
  39. beacon hunt
  40. demo party
  41. paiting party
  42. talk: Learning a place by drawing its buildings
  43. SBC colo
  44. deerocracy
  45. tshirts
  46. sticker: No one hsa found a good use for a networked computer
  47. sketching workshop
  48. thicknet, network
  49. industrial quantities of mauve
  50. $5 electronics macro photo workshop
  51. silent journalling with [tj]

Yes, It is super vague. There are thousands of words of explanation behind some of these. That you will have to invent for yourself.

Steal what you want, I won't remember publishing this and will love seeing your implementation.