Decentralise as Default

Yesterday featured a massive ddos attack against DynDNS. For me, in the north of Scotland, this meant an entire shutdown of the web. ssh and mosh connections stayed, but everything from twitter to google were unreachable.

Name discovery in decentralised networks is a really hard problem, I am not aware of any really solid solutions. There is probably a large capitalist factor involved here, you really can't centralise profits from a decentralised system.

I spent some time reading about name systems for adhoc mesh networks, before I gave up on trying to build this out. It is hard and would require a load of other people to test.

A quick search of my in brain cache returns:

mdns is probably already running on your local network, it won't scale well and certainly not to internet sizes. namecoin is something I am just sort of aware of, I think worry of blockchain buzzword bingo has stopped me looking too hard.

I would love to know about more interesting and diverse systems, if you know of any drop me a line.

Reading: Little Brother, Transmetropolitan